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March 2020


Our March 2020 new features and enhancements were available beginning 8AM on Friday, March 6th 2020. Read below for information on the update on your site!      

eChalk Guide Enhancements


Suggested Color Link to fix contrast issues

We've updated eChalk GUIDE to help you easily correct text contrast issues on your web site. In addition to showing users the existing contrast ratio, there is now a "Use Suggested" link that will allow you to change the text instantly and correct the contrast ratio.


Correct empty headers using the "Fix" link and more!

You can now use eChalk GUIDE's “Fix” link to automatically remove an empty header. Additionally, you will now be able to view where the header problem is while editing a block.


Find duplicate page titles

eChalk GUIDE will alert you when page titles are not unique across your site, which will improve both your accessibility and your SEO.


Save and rescan

The "Save and Rescan" button allows you to see the effect of your changes while editing without leaving the block that you are working on.

General eChalk Enhancements


RTE enhanced with a color picker tool!

Now you can designate a specific color using hex codes or select a wide range of colors for text using our new color picker tool.


Archive view for Feed Blocks

All feed blocks will have a system-generated page that allows the user to see more feed posts. Users will be able to go back and see old news and announcement posts from any public feed block. Previously, feed blocks could hold up to 20 posts, but there was no function to view older posts.


Release Notes

View our full March 2020 release notes.


Haven't activated eChalk Guide yet? Get started today!

Check out the new Guide Tutorial to see how easy it is to identify and correct accessibility issues in your eChalk site using Guide. Contact support@echalk.com for a demo of eChalk Guide!


If you have any questions visit Help.eChalk.com or feel free to contact us.

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