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December 2016

Our December 2016 release features were available beginning Friday, December 16th, 2016. Read below for information on all the great new features and enhancements you have on your site.

Site Alerts                       

eChalk Site Alerts should be used for any urgent or emergency information you need to share with your district or school community. They can be shared from the district site to all schools with one click and can be archived and reused to make a school closing message quick to add on a snowy morning. Watch this help video to learn how to configure alerts for your site.


Google Custom Search

Add the Google Custom Search tool to your header so that your visitors can search from any page of the site.


Delete Web Pages

Delete public web pages from your site, class, or group.


Share Resource Link

You can now create a sharable, permanent link to any resource file in your "My Files" personal storage or your site, class, or group resources. These links will work without publishing anything on your public website.


Archive/Delete and Restore Classes, Sections, Groups

Teachers and Group Administrators now have the ability to archive/delete classes, sections, and groups. Once a class or a group has been archived it is only accessible and retrievable by the site Super User, but teachers have the ability to restore their own archived class sections. 


Release Notes

View our full release notes here.


If you have any questions visit Help.eChalk.com or feel free to contact us.


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