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Table Errors

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Tables that have not been formatted properly for accessibility are difficult for screen readers to narrate. When creating tables we recommend taking the extra steps required to designate the header rows and/or header columns. You can refer to this article on how to create tables in eChalk and designating header rows or headers columns.


Below are the common table errors that Guide will flag and how you can correct them:


  Error Fix

If a table

Has Table Headers assigned outside the first row or first column

Only the first row and column should be formatted as table headers

If a table

Has merged rows or columns

Our scanner will flag it as being too complex, you need to make sure that you have properly set all headers and scope for rows and columns

If a table 

Has cells in a row or column that are not marked as headers while others are

The entire row or column should be marked as headers

If a table

Has both row and column headers

It requires scope to be set so the screen reader knows exactly what that header corresponds to

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