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Link Issue Errors

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Below are the common Link errors that Guide will flag and how you can correct them:


  Error Fix

If a link name

Is empty

Empty links are not visible to sighted users but are announced to screen readers. You can remove them directly from the Guide Tool. They are often caused by creating a link and later deleting most of it from the text editor but leaving some part (e.g a single space). Just highlight the text and create the link again, making sure you don't highlight empty staces after the last letter of the word.

If a link

Is longer than 100 characters

This is likely too long to describe where the link will take the user

If a link

Starts with “link to”

This is redundant, the screen reader will already tell the user. e.g. "Link. Link to web site." Remove "link to"

If a link 

Is ambiguous like “Click Here”, “Read More”, “Here”, “More” etc

This link is too ambiguous to tell the user where the link will take them. Often a user navigating with a screen reader will only see the list of links, and not the surrounding content. Always accurately describe where the link will take the user. Just link a part of the sentence.

e.g. The permission slip for the field trip can be downloaded. A screen reader would read this as "Link. The permission slip..." so the visitor would know it's clickable.



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