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View Child's Notifications (VIDEO)

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A red dot will display next to Notifications in the upper right corner of your parent account whenever content on any of the district, school sites, classes and/or groups that your child is a member of is updated with new information. You can easily view these notifications and click on them to view the updated content.


Note: Only types of updated content that your child has selected to receive notifications for will display in your Notifications area. To view how a student may edit their notifications settings, click here.

Where To Go


To view your child's notifications, you will log into your account. 

What To Do

  1. Click on the My Children link in the upper left corner of your account. If you have multiple children linked to your account, then select their name.
  2. Once your child's account loads, click on the Notifications link in the upper right corner to display all of your child's recent notifications. To view the updated content, click on the notification and you will be directed to the updated content.
  3. To see previous notifications, click on the Get Previous button.



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