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Following the steps of the lesson

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  1. The title and description of the lesson will be displayed at the top center of the page.
  2. The lesson will be broken down into steps.  Each step will contain instructions on what a student should do.  Additional materials (files, images, videos, links) can be associated with each step.  So a teacher may share a document a student should read in step 1 and then have directions on what to do following completion of the reading in later steps.
  3. Teachers will be able to add assignments to individual steps of the lesson, so students might have homework to complete and place in the homework dropbox.  
  4. Teachers can also ask students to participate in discussions related to the lesson.
  5. If a teacher shares images, click on the thumbnail images and an image gallery or slideshow will open to make viewing the full image easier.  Teachers may have included a caption with an image.  This will be displayed when looking at the image gallery.
  6. Each step of the lesson should explain to the student what activity a student should take in order to complete the lesson.


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