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eChalk Quick Start for Students: Classes


Welcome to eChalk! This Quick Start Guide is intended to guide you through the new class page capabilities so you can start using them right away. eChalk is mobile-friendly and fully responsive so experiment with logging in and exploring on your device of choice!

Log in.

Just head to your school's website and log-in with your assigned username and temporary password. You'll be asked to change your password to something more secure once you log-in for the first time.


Join a Class.

If your teacher has added you as a member of a class, you will see the class on your dashboard and you'll be able to dive right in and get started.




If you don't see your class, click on your name on the top right side and select Join a Class or Group. Enter the join code your teacher has given you here and click the JOIN button.




Access your class tools.

Once you see your class on your dashboard, just click on the tile and you'll enter the class management area. Click the buttons on the left to explore the features available.


Here you will see a news feed that your teacher has made available to you. There may be various announcements posted, as well as access to files and images that your teacher has shared. The latest news item will appear at the top of your feed.



Your calendar includes any assignments, events, and activities your teacher has shared with you. Just click on the calendar event to view the details.



Your teacher may have created web-based Learn activities for students to visit websites, watch videos and answer questions in a series of steps. This is the area where these activities live. You may find Learn activities added to your class calendar.




Visit the Members area to view a list of teachers and students associated with your section. The Join Code will be listed on the top right of this page.



Questions? Contact your site administrator or eChalk Support at support@echalk.com.

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