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View and Grade an Assessment (VIDEO)

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Where To Go

To view a student's submitted assessment and grade it, click on your class tile > Learn > click name of class > select section > click Assessments button

What To Do

  1. Select the assessment to view
  2. Click Preview to see the assessment
  3. To view status of the assessment for students in the section, select:
    • Turned In
    • In Progress
    • Not Started
  4. To view the results of a student's assessment, click on the student's name under Turned In. 
    Note: View points awarded next to each question. Incorrect or partially correct answers display in red and partial points are awarded. 
  5. To grade the assessment, the instructor can do any of the following actions: 
    • View student's answer choices by clicking on the arrow to expand the question
    • Comment on the student's answer choice by commenting in the Feedback box after expanding the question
    • Override points award for each question by clicking on the pencil icon, entering a lower or higher score and clicking Save. Note: To use the autoscore, just click on the Autoscore button.
    • Comment on the overall assessment by clicking on the speech bubble next to the assessment
    • Excuse the entire assessment by clicking Excuse and the assessment will not count towards the grading period.
    • Allow student to change answers and resubmit by clicking Unsubmit.
    • Clear all of the student's answers and allow to retake by clicking Reset. 
    • Override the student's total score by clicking on the pencil next to the student's name and clicking Save.

     5. Click the X in the upper right  to view and grade a different student's assessment


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