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eChalk Quick Start for Group Managers

  1. Log in to your new eChalk site.

You have been given the URL for your new eChalk site.  Log in to begin exploring your account. 

  1. Create your Group.
  • Click the green + button on your dashboard and follow the prompts to create and configure your new group.
  1. Create Group Page(s).
  • In the group Settings, select Enable Public Pages to configure this group with a public presence.
  • Under Manage Public Pages > Pages you can edit existing standard pages and create new pages (e.g. Home) for your group. 


About Pages: Pages are composed of different Content Blocks in Rows. You can add multiple rows and choose from a variety of Row Layouts that will determine the size of each Content Block.


About Content Blocks: You can add Text, a Feed, Events, Images, a Video, a Social Media Feed, and Link Lists to any content block on your page.


Note: Remember to click Publish to make a page available on your public site. Then select the page from the Pages list and click Make Landing Page. For visitors to see that page, add it to your site Navigation or as a link on your site.

  1. Add Content.
  • Resources – Add files to your group from your computer or device; organize your files in folders. Adding a file as a Resource will store the file for use on your group. You can then publish a Resource so group visitors can see it by adding the Resource to other group content.

Don’t see the Resources button on the left side toolbar? Click Back to Group on the top right of your screen.


  • Feed Posts – Create a Feed Post with Text, Attachments, Images or Video. You can choose whether any post will be visible on the public group as you create it.


  • Calendar Events – Add events to your group calendar. You can choose whether any event will be visible on the public group as you create it.
  1. Refine your Group Page configuration.
    • Now that you have added content to your group, you can go back to add Pages or add Content Blocks to existing pages.


For detailed instructions on any of the group management tools described here, please access other Group Manager articles in the eChalk Help Center.



Questions? Contact your site administrator or eChalk Support at support@echalk.com.


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