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Publishing Public Group Pages

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Where To Go


To work on a draft Group Page or to publish a Group Page, you will log in to your site and click on the group tile.  From here go to Manage Public Pages > Pages.

Note: If you don't see the Manage Public Pages button in your group, select Enable Public Pages in Group > Settings.



eChalk makes it possible for you to choose when to publish any page you create. We provide you a simple way to continually work on pages and save your work, but only publish those pages to users once you're ready. You'll always know if a page is published, if a page has changes that have not been published, or if a page is not published by reviewing the Status on the Pages screen.  Page statuses include:

  • Not Published - The page has been created but is not available on the web.
  • Published - The page has been created and is available on the web.
  • Published W/ Draft  - The page has been created and the previous version is available on the web. Since it was published, changes have been made to the page and saved, however, those changes have not been published.  If you want changes made to pages with this status to be available on the web, you must update the published page.


Note: Published pages are available via direct Web link only. A link to the page must be posted to your site for site visitors to access it. This is most commonly done by adding the page to your site Navigation.



Questions? Contact your site administrator or eChalk Support at support@echalk.com.

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