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eChalk Notify Quick Start for Administrator


eChalk Notify is a mobile notification system that is seamlessly integrated with your school website, so keeping everyone up-to-date is easy as ever.


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  1. Enable the eChalk Notify Slide Out Homepage Widget
    This widget displays as an unobtrusive tab on the side of your homepage that visitors can expand and collapse to see your school's alert code and links to download the Notify App, and it can be enabled under Manage Web Site > Settings > selecting Promote eChalk Notify usage on your website. Check out the step-by-step video here.
  2. Download the eChalk Notify App.
    Anyone can download the eChalk Notify App for free from the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store. Just search for “eChalk Notify.”
  3. Login with your eChalk username and password.  
    *Note: If you need to create user accounts for your school members, you can find out how to bulk load users here.      
  4. Log into your eChalk account and choose what kinds of notifications you'd like to receive in your Notification Settings.
  5. Retrieve your eChalk Notify Alert Code for sharing.
    You’ve requested access to eChalk Notify for your school community and it’s been enabled – great! Next retrieve the unique eChalk Notify Alert Code to distribute to your school community so anyone can sign up anonymously to receive instant school and district alerts on their mobile devices.
  • Login as the Super User and click on your School Tile > Settings > Copy to Clip Board under eChalk Notify

   6. Share the eChalk Notify school code with your community.

        You can distribute your school’s eChalk Notify Alert code to your community one of several ways:

  • Enable the eChalk Notify Slide Out Widget on your homepage! 
  • Announce the eChalk Notify Alert code in a Feed Post under Manage Web Site > Feed > Create Post > Paste the following message in and insert your school code below > click Save:

    Download the eChalk Notify App to and receive school and district alerts on your mobile devices!

    Login with your username and password, or enter our school alert code:

    [Your School Alert Code]

    Free at the App Store and Google Play Store!
    apple.png en_badge_web_generic.png

  • Create a separate Text Block on your homepage with the text copied and pasted from above to inform your school community. You can refer to steps here to add a new row with a text block to the bottom of your homepage. Check out an example here!
  • Email the eChalk Notify Alert code to your students, staff and parents. You can refer to an email template you can use here


For detailed instructions on any of the site management tools described here, please access other Site Administrator articles in the eChalk Help Center. 


Questions? Contact your site administrator or eChalk Support at support@echalk.com.

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