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About eChalk Notify


eChalk Notify from eChalk Client Services on Vimeo.


What does Notify do?


Notify takes information you post to your website and sends it to the Notify app on student, teacher, and parent mobile devices.


Notify sends:

  • Emergency Alerts (to the phone’s lock screen)
  •  Feed posts
  • Calendar events

Users with the Notify app no longer have to go to the website to find critical information – it comes to them on their mobile device!

Where do users find the Notify app?


Notify can be found in the Apple App Store (for IOS devices) and the Google Play store (for Android devices). Your school or district can also add a link to the Notify app in a text block, navigation link or header link list item.

How do users activate their Notify apps?

Anyone can download and use the Notify app. It can be used anonymously or with a login:

  • Anonymously: if users don’t have eChalk licenses, they can subscribe with your school’s alert code. In this case, users will ONLY receive Emergency Alerts posted to your homepage.
  • Username: if users have eChalk licenses, they can enter their username and password into the app. In this case, they will receive Emergency Alerts AND feed posts, calendar events (etc.) from your school and the classes and groups that they are part of.

How do I get started?



Questions? Contact your site administrator or eChalk Support at support@echalk.com.

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