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Remote Learning With eChalk

Are you interested in using eChalk Classes and Groups and eChalk LMS tools to support your students while they are learning from home? We have created some Quick Start Guides for teachers and site administrators to help you get started.


About the eChalk LMS

  • The eChalk LMS consists of a suite of learning tools that are fully integrated with the eChalk website platform. This allows teachers, department heads and other class/group leaders to manage their public website, members-only communication, and learning tools all from one platform. This can make keeping up with communication and assignments easier for teachers, students and families.
  • You must have user accounts for teachers and students to leverage the private Classes and Groups and LMS tools. If you do not have enough student and teacher licenses to support remote learning via the eChalk platform, we will provide additional licenses free of charge until June 30
  • The eChalk LMS has a number of learning tools including Assignments, step-by-step Lessons, self-grading Assessments, and an integrated Gradebook. These tools were originally designed with blended learning and flipped classroom models in mind but can provide a platform to support remote learning during this time.
  • If you are not already using the LMS tools, we recommend starting with simple Assignments to push out daily work to students. You can add additional tools as your community gets used to looking for daily work in their eChalk Classes.

The attached Quick Start Guides are designed to help you get up and running quickly without professional development. Additional resources can be found in the eChalk Help Center. If you already have a system that is working for you, we are not recommending that you make a change at this time. However, we do want to provide this as an option for schools who do not have a robust LMS or remote learning platform in place.


Remote Learning Admin Quick Start Guide
Remote Learning Tools for Teachers

Class Setup and Tools

eChalk for Students Distance Learning

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