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4. Download the SIS Sync Client

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Once the API has been enabled, you can download the SIS Sync Client. We recommend that you download and install the sync client on the same workstation as your SIS software or on a workstation that is connected to the same network and allows access to where the exported files are stored.

Where To Go

To download the SIS Sync Client, login, click on the district / school tile and click on Members.

What To Do

1. Click on User Admin.

2. Click on Bulk Management.

3. Click on Sync Client. The API option should display "Disable Sync Client API."

4. Scroll down to Download and setup SIS Sync Client and click on bulk-upload-client.zip for your version of the operating system.

5. Locate the download and extract the files to your computer. Once extracted, you will see a folder titled similar to "bulk-upload-client-win-" and within, folders titled "bin", "jre", "lib" and "client.properties."




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