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3. Enable the SIS Sync Client API

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If your school is using an SIS and you'd like to take advantage of our SIS Sync Client to do automated loads, you can enable the API inside the eChalk application. Once enabled, copy the API key that displays. This API key will be used to configure the SIS Sync Client and to ensure a secure connection and transfer of your user data to the eChalk servers.

Where To Go

To enable the SIS Sync Client API, log into your account, click on the district / school tile and click on Members.


What To Do

1. Click on User Admin.

2. Click on Bulk Management.

3. Click on Sync Client.

4. Click on Enable Sync Client API.

5. Scroll down to Get API Key and click on "Get API". 

Note: It is important to protect this key since it has super user privileges to manage accounts across your site(s)! You can regenerate a new key and invalidate your old one at any time.


6. Click on "Get API Key to Clipboard and Close"




Questions? Contact your site administrator or eChalk Support at support@echalk.com.

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