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4. Uploading Your Bulk User Form (VIDEO)

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Where To Go


To upload your completed bulk user form, navigate to the school or district you wish to manage, click on Members > User Admin > Bulk Management.


What To Do

  1. Click on Users.
  2. Click on Upload Form.
  3. Select Partial Sync or Full Sync.
  4. Click Browse and navigate to your CSV file.
  5. Click Upload. The form will only take a few seconds to validate and load. 
  6. If you set the form to "Require approval for validation", you will see the "Pending Approval" box containing the file name, the name of the user that uploaded the form, the upload date, a summary of the changes that will be made once you approve the load (number of accounts to be created, updated, deleted or failed, and the file containing line by line results.

    Note: If failures are found, you will need to review the results by clicking on the link under results to download and view. The results will download as a CSV file. To open you may want to open Microsoft Excel first and then open the CSV file to identify the errors, correct them in your original CVS file and then re-upload.
  7. If there are no failures and the summary looks correct, you can click on the Approve button and the form will be processed immediately.




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