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3. Creating Your Bulk User Upload Form (VIDEO)

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eChalk supports files in TSV or CSV format. You can include users for one or more schools in the same file. You can use Microsoft Excel to create your upload form and save it as a .CSV.


CSV File Rules:

  • The first row must include all header fields
  • Any items that contain a comma must be surrounded by double quotes (for example:“Asst. Principal, Lower School”)
  • Items that contain double quotes must also be surrounded by double quotes, with the internal double quotes added twice (for example: Tom “Coach” Miller would be included as “Tom “”Coach”” Miller”)
  • All text should be UTF8 encoded
  • File size is limited to 2MB 


You will need the following header fields although some fields do not require data to be populated but the field headers must be in the form: 

Note: You can create an Excel spreadsheet and enter these field names into the first cell of each column. You can use the Excel format here.  Then populate your form with data from your SIS by manually typing or copying and pasting. Once you have populated your data, you can go to File > Save As > Other Formats > select  .CSV (Comma Delimited) from the Save As Type drop down menu.


Field Name (All field headers must exist in form) Description Data Required 
first_name First name of the user y
middle_name Middle name of the user (not required)  
last_name Last name of the user y
email Email address of the user y
password Plain text password of the user y when creating new accounts only
custom_id Employee ID/Student ID of the user. This must be unique to that user and is used to identify which account to make changes to y
school_district_external_id The external ID of the school or district that the user belongs to y
user_type User type must be one of the following: ‘Teacher’, ‘Staff’, ‘Administrator’ or ‘Student’ y
position This will be applied to any Teacher, Staff,
Administrator type accounts only. This is ignored for students. (not required)
grade This will be applied for students only and ignored for all other user types. If not supplied for a student, they will be listed as ‘Unspecified’. Grade must be one of the following: 'Unspecified', ‘PreK’,
‘K’, ‘1’, ‘2’, ‘3’, ‘4’, ‘5’, ‘6’, ‘7’, ‘8’, ‘9’, ‘10’,
‘11’, ‘12’ or 'Other'
status Status must be ‘Active’ or ‘Disabled’ y

Note: The Password field is required to process any form even if the setting to "Update Passwords" is disabled. If you do not wish to update user passwords, make sure to disable the Update Password setting and then insert any 6 character password for every user so that the form can be processed. The password will not be updated as long as the Update Password setting is not enabled.


A sample users.csv file should look similar to the below:


John,Brian,Green,2jgreen@echalk.com,111111,510,111,teacher,Head of Department,,active


Questions? Contact your site administrator or eChalk Support at support@echalk.com.



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