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About Site Member Privileges

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There are different permission types that can be delegated to users within eChalk so it's important to understand the extent of each permission type and how users with these privileges can contribute to your site.


Permission Types

There are six permission types that can be assigned to a user at a district, school, class or group:


User Privileges.jpg


These permission types are organized in a hierarchy with the role of Super User having full management rights to the district, school, class or group of which they are a member.


Super Users also have the ability to designate other Super Users, Managers, Content Contributors, Staff, Member and Auditors to help maintain a district, school, class or group.  Note: Since a Super User can have full management privileges to a district, school, classes and groups, we recommend limiting the role of Super User to a select few in your school or district.


Each permission type will automatically inherit all the rights of the permission types below it. For example, a Super User in a Class has all the rights that a Manager and Content Contributor has; a Manager has all the rights that a Content Contributor has.



The Auditor permission is an additional permission that can be set along with all the other permission types. For example, you can have a Content Contributor for a school site who also has Auditor rights to all other classes and groups at the school.





Questions? Contact your site administrator or eChalk Support at support@echalk.com.

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