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About Public Versus Private Calendar Events

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Calendar Events can be made public and/or private.  There is a public calendar and a private calendar.


Where To Go

The private Calendar is visible by logging in > clicking on your school tile > clicking on Calendar.

The public Calendar is visible by logging in > clicking on your school tile > clicking on Manage Your Web Site > Clicking on Calendar.

*To toggle back to the private feed, just click on the Back to School button > click on Calendar.


What To Do

When creating an event from either the public or private calendars you can choose one of the following display options:

  • Use the same date for private calendarto have an event display in both the public and private calendars on your site. (i.e. posting information about parent teacher conferences, report card distribution, etc.)
  • Private Calendar to have it available privately only. (i.e. posting events for only logged in users to see. (i.e. Reminders about Professional Development days, posts about when grades are due, etc.)
  • Public Calendar to have it available publicly only. (i.e. posting events that are only relevant to public visitors of your site. (i.e. Reminders about Pre-K enrollment, information about weather or school closings, etc.)


Questions? Contact your site administrator or eChalk Support at support@echalk.com.

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