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Marquee Theme: Basic Homepage Template


eChalk's new publishing tools will allow you to customize your school or district homepages and public subpages to create a unique presence on the Web. With so many layout options and ways to organize your site's content, the possibilities are endless.


To help you get started, here is a basic and simple layout that your school or district can create for your own site using the Marquee Theme. To learn more about the Marquee Theme, click here. The sample layout below incorporates media like a photo gallery, events, a "Quick Links" area, announcement feed and a Principal's message.


You can customize and change any parts of this layout to showcase information that's important to your school or district! 

marquee basic.jpg



If you have not configured the Site Information, Navigation, or Header/Footer Link Lists, you can view instructions linked  below:

  • Site Info: To update the site title, school colors and logo view instructions here.
  • Navigation: To create pages and create navigation links view instructions here.
  • Header Link List: To add a header link list that displays icons linking to your school's social media pages, view instructions here.
  • Google Translator: To add the Google Translator, view instructions here.

Below are the block titles and content types featured on this sample layout. To learn more about what types of content can be added to a Page click here.


Block Title

Content Type

NEWS Text Block


Link List Block


Events Block


Image Block

Where To Go

To create this layout for your new Homepage, you will log in to your site and click on the site tile.  From there go to Manage Web Site Pages.


What To Do

  1. Click on the green + button, enter a page title i.e. Home and click Create.
  2. Click Edit to begin building your page.
  3. The URL will display for your new page. Click the pencil icon to change the page name or customize the URL. 
  4. Click Add New Row.
  5. Select the 33% 66% row layout and click Choose.
  6. Click Add Content in the 33% block and select Link List from the menu. View instructions here to add a Link List block.
  7. Click Add Content in the 66% block and select Feed from the menu. View instructions here to add a Feed block.
  8. Click Add New Row.
  9. Select the 25% 50% 25% row layout and click Choose.
  10. Click Add Content in the left 25% block and select Text from the menu. View instructions here to add a Text block.
  11. Click Add Content in the right 50% block and select Image from the menu. View instructions here on adding an Image block.
  12. Click Add Content in the right 25% block and select Events from the menu. View instructions here to add an Events block.
  13. Click Done Editing to save the changes to your page.
  14. Click Preview to preview your page and/or click Publish to publish your page to the web.
  15. Click on Pages from the left menu and check the box next to the homepage you've just created.
  16. Click on the Make Landing Page button and the new homepage you've just created will display when visitors view your site.


Questions? Contact your site administrator or eChalk Support at support@echalk.com.

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