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Getting a Site Tracking Code

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Google Analytics collects real time data visitor activity on your school homepage. When you create a Google Analytics account, you can obtain a tracking code that will allow you to see what specific pages on your site are most frequented by your school community. Tracking visitors’ active clicks and use of your various site pages will allow your school to set more focused goals and zone in on what information your visitors value the most.


To setup a Google Analytics account, go to http://www.google.com/analytics. You will need a Google Account or, you can use an existing Gmail email address.

Follow the prompts to create a Website profile for your site’s URL. Copy the “New Tracking Code (ga.js)” text provided by Google Analytics. If you need additional help, you can refer to Google Analytic's Help Center



Questions? Contact your site administrator or eChalk Support at support@echalk.com.

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