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Email Template to Teachers

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Dear Teacher,


You may have noticed that your school website has changed! The district’s new sites are not only faster and easier to use, but easily accessible on any device (tablet, phone, laptop). If you would like to continue to use a class page on your school website, you will need to create a fresh one on the new eChalk system.


You will find any files that were in your class(es) in the old website (.pdf, .doc, .xls, .ppt, etc) have been migrated into the new system for you. Please go to app.echalk.com and log in using your email address and old eChalk password. Once you have logged in, click on your name in the top right corner, then select “My Files” from the drop-down menu. There will be a folder titled “Transferred Content” where you will find all of your files. Below are help documents and videos to guide you through creating your new class and adding content to it.


Quick Start Guide for Teachers


Basic Set-up Videos for Teachers:

Creating Your Class

Creating Your Public Class Page

Adding Content to Content Blocks on Public Class Page

Working with “My Files” Personal File Storage (already contains any files from your current eChalk classes)

Manage Class Resources

Manage Class Membership


Full list of help articles for teachers


If you have any questions as you are working in the new system, please call or email eChalk support at 1-800-499-2741 or support@echalk.com.


Thank you,

<Your School/District Name>



Questions? Contact your site administrator or eChalk Support at support@echalk.com.



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