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2. Configuring your bulk upload settings (VIDEO)


About Full and Partial Sync


A user form can be processed in two ways: 

  • Partial Sync: Diff SIS upload upload implies that only those users that are included in the upload form will be processed (i.e. either created or updated); all the users that are not included in the upload form will be ignored.
    • Note: We recommend running a Partial Sync before running a Full Sync.
  • Full Sync : Batch SIS implies that a new list of users overrides the existing user list: those users that are included in the upload form will be processed (i.e. either created or updated); users not included in the upload form will be deleted
    • Note:  This can be used at the end of the year when you need to remove graduating students. By uploading a complete set of users using a Full Sync, graduating students not included in the complete set will be automatically removed.


Sync Settings


Within each of these processing methods, you can set one or more of these options:

  • Requires approval after validation: *We recommend enabling this setting so that your data can be checked and validated by our system for errors prior to being processed. This will help avoid any unwanted changes or deletions from occurring without a final review and approval especially when choosing a Full Sync.
  • Update password: It will reset all user’s passwords to what is in the uploaded file. This is not recommended when normally updating users, but can be helpful at the start of a school year to for instance. If this is not checked, user’s passwords will not be
  • Update first, middle, last name: it will change the user’s display names to what is included in the file. Often users will change their name in eChalk to reflect how they are commonly known, not necessarily officially known. Again, this is not recommended when updating users typically, but can be useful at the start of the school year.


Where To Go


To configure your bulk upload options, navigate to the school or district you wish to manage, click on Members > User Admin > Bulk Management.

What To Do

  1. Click on Settings.
  2. Set your preferences for how you'd like the form to be processed every time a Partial Sync or Full Sync is run. Set one or more of these options for Partial Sync and Full Sync:
    • Requires approval after validation (*Recommended)
    • Update password
    • Update first, middle, last name



Questions? Contact your site administrator or eChalk Support at support@echalk.com.



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